5 Reasons you should totally consider Drainvac Central Vacuum System for your office



Cleaning our home is something we do every day. In a tropical, sub-tropical country like India, where dust, heat and humidity are all high, cleaning, dusting and mopping are domestic routines. These are labour intensive processes that are also time consuming and messy. Office spaces are different. It is a professional setting, where cleaning has to be faster, efficient and standardised.

What is a vacuum cleaning system?

Housekeeping for an office is different from what we attend to at homes. The waste is different, and in large spaces like industries or warehouses, systems may have to be equipped to accommodate multiple users and larger capacities.

For instance, DrainVac’s industrial systems can be custom designed to support 6 users simultaneously, and is used across retail, food and agro, automotive and military settings.

The central vacuum system is a form of mechanical cleaning that uses suction to remove dirt and debris from surfaces. Domestic vacuum cleaners are usually wheeled canister, or small hand held devices, while industrial vacuums are huge with capacities to hold hundreds of kilos of dust. You must have also seen vacuum powered vehicles on the road that clean pavements and roads. They also come with several attachments like brushes, dusters, crevice nozzles and hard brushes to remove dirt from places hard to reach. Some types of industrial vacuum cleaners also clean up oil spills, many of them being both Wet & dry central vacuum system compatible.

What is a central vacuum system?

A central vacuum system, also known as an inbuilt vacuum system is sort of a permanent fixture in the building, like the plumbing electrical works or the walls of the building.

Think of the central vacuum system like an electrical wiring system that runs all through the building and can be operated through switches in every room, instead of carrying around a lamp in your hand to light up every room, which is like carrying around the vacuum cleaner to each room. There are ports with retractable tubes in each room that are directly connected to the central power unit and collection bag usually placed in a concealed location. The inlets are connected to power hose that drain into a collection container that is centralised as well, and connected to either the garbage collection point or the drainage – depending on if it is a dry or wet vacuuming system.

DrainVac Garage Vacuum system

DrainVac is a leader in the vacuum space with cutting edge technology that provide commercial, industrial and residential central vacuum systems that meet all world standards. It also holds credit for the patenting technology for the automatic drain.

Still there are more reasons than being the pioneer in this field while you choose a central vacuum system for your office from Drainvac India.

Perfect cleaning: DrainVax’s systems are powerful to remove grime, grease and dust efficiently. They are a combination of wet and dry, which means you can clean stains and spills with ease.

Zero noise: DrainVac’s central vacuum system gives the user a sparkling clean surface without the loud, cannot hear the music over this noise. Now you can talk to you family, and listen to Spotify while you use DrainVac’s central vacuum system. The noise levels are as low as 58 decibels, making it almost zero noise.

Ease of use and operation: DrainVac’s entire system has a super easy interface that makes it convenient for anyone to operate. Anyone and everyone can operate the system. The panels are extremely easy to understand and the nozzles are a breeze to work with, making the entire process child’s play, says the city’s leading Commercial Central Vacuum System.

Space utility: All of Drainvac’s inlet ports are seamlessly placed in the rooms which are easy to access. Additionally the pump and power unit itself is concealed and easily fits even into congested areas. The central units are placed in store rooms, basements or garages, thus not affecting the aesthetic appeal and space constraint.

Value for money: Like mentioned earlier, these are permanent fixtures. The solid technology and material standards of DrainVac ensure that the system runs smoothly for years. So you can practically install and forget about the system when it comes to cost!

Cleaning in offices is starkly different from cleaning in residential spaces. The requirement largely depends upon the industry. Standards for cleaning also vary depending upon the activity. DrainVac is an industry pioneer when it comes to vacuuming solutions. With over 35 years of industry experience, DrainVac has a system for every office and industrial need. From small office spaces to large industries, we have served everyone. There are facilities for an upgrade to booster heads as well. There are options like the ProXtrac which even clean difficult places, bathrooms and mattresses. Reach out to us today to know more.