5 Ways to make full use of your Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner



A clean home and a busy life may seem impossible at the same time. Especially when you have a long working day, and come home to see your kids fighting over cola, and slosh! It goes on your precious Persian carpet! Or your pupper is so excited and knocks off your coffee on the sofa. And you have to wait till the weekend to book a deep cleaning service on your app.

Well, it does not have to be so. You can keep your home spotless clean, and more importantly germ free with a central vacuum system.

But wasn’t an automatic central vacuum system a device to clean up dry dust. Yes it is efficient and cleans up cobwebs and dust impeccably compared to the dustpan-broom duo, but for wet cleaning? We need to resort to scrubbing, soap cleaning, and mopping it up – right? Well, no. There are central vacuum systems that work beautifully with wet and dry debris.

What is a wet & dry vacuum system?

A wet and dry vacuum system is a super cleaning equipment that cleans both dry and wet dirt and debris. If you are look for a perfect upgrade to your broom-mop in your new home, a wet and dry vacuum is perfect. It is versatile and effective – it removes dry dust, wet debris and spills.
It uses two separate devices for picking up wet spills and dry dust. 
When you have kids or pets and need a lot of regular cleaning, this might be the perfect answer to all your cleaning woes. They also come with interchangeable brushes for different purposes, making it a go-to cleaning tool for sofas, upholstery, floors and surfaces.

How does it work?

A wet and dry vacuum cleaner’s functioning is similar to the way a canister vacuum cleaner operates. It picks up dry debris, dust, trash and wet spills including heavy industrial cleaning. It also offers cleaning of damp patches and hot water-soap cleaning in case of stubborn or dried up stains. 
The internal components of this vacuum are insulated and kept separately, so that there would be no chance of liquid damage or electrocution mishaps. Also, they are usually bagless, and use a wet and dry dual bucket system that collects wet waste and dry waste separately in collection chambers.
It consists of three major parts – the motor unit, the collection chamber and the hose-pvc pipe system. The motor powers the fan which draws air through the hose. It uses a vacuum sucking mechanism that creates suction over the area it is placed upon. At higher speed, this results in picking up debris, dust and particles to transfer them into the collection chamber.

Where you can use it?

Liquid Spills
Cleaning liquid spills is a pain. Especially when it comes to stubborn stains like tea coffee or wine that drops accidentally. Or maybe your toddler decided he had to eat paneer butter masala on the sofa while watching TV. Cleaning the floor, upholstery or furniture can be messy when it comes to liquids. Using a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, wet spills can be cleaned easily.

Floors, tiles and walls
These devices work wonderfully when it comes to deep cleaning floors, especially if there is water, or an industrial kitchen that needs regular deep cleaning or the grime and oil collected. It has options to clean with hot water, or can scrub the floor to get rid of collected, caked dust or dried long standing dirt. It can also clean with chemicals and soap, so that it gives you a proper deep cleaning, fresh smelling space. The same goes for walls and wooden boards, Brush attachments ensure that deposited dirt between grooves is also picked up easily.

Kitchen tops
Indian kitchens are unique because our cooking involves so many cooking techniques with strong smelling spices all at the same time. With wet ingredients and dry ones used in every meal preparation, the kitchen cleaning is a full task in itself once the cooking is done. Wet and dry vacuum cleaner helps with deep cleaning your kitchen, as it can scrub the grime and pick up dust and dry dirt from hard to reach places.

Carpets, rugs and dhurries
A Wet & Dry Central Vacuum System, works like a charm when it comes to cleaning carpets and dhurries. It helps remove dust, debris, hair, pet fur, even pollen and allergens so that your house is not just clean but also germ free and healthy. If your carpets have dried up stains and spills, the wet part of the CVS cleans that up too. 

Bathrooms and sink cleaning
This is ideal for cleaning bathrooms, tubs and clogged sinks. It sucks out the debris or stuck hair, and can scrub away built up grime in the bathroom, making it a perfect cleaning tool.

In conclusion
The dual functionality of a wet and dry central vacuum system, makes it handy to have for everyone who wants to keep their homes sparkling.