Choosing the right central vacuum system for your home



We have come a long way in terms of home appliances in all means – from electronics to automation. As little as half a century ago, air conditioning, security systems, and even lighting were considered a luxury. They are all a necessity now. Our homes today are smarter, and more sustainable. India, considering the tropical nature of its climate, and ready availability of labour, most homes still use sweeping and mopping as preferred cleaning techniques.

Cleaning is an activity that is done every day in most parts of the country, considering the heat, dust and heavy rains. Despite vacuum cleaners beings around for quite some time, they have not exactly taken off the way other home appliances have.

Vacuuming vs central vacuuming:

This could largely be contributed to the fact that vacuuming is a chore – one has to drag a heavy appliance across the house, slowly cleaning each nook and corner. It is also very noisy, and the waste disposal is an entirely different hassle. Which is where DrainVac steps in. DrainVac designed, developed and patented the first automatic drain for a vacuum system. DrainVac’s ‘automatik’ systems are so powerful, that it can empty a sink in seconds. The central vacuum system is a smart upgrade for your home, which is a multimodal vacuum system, meaning it can pick dust, dry or wet waste. It is also easy to operate since the machine does not have to be pulled along. The suction happens through retractable hoses.

Further it keeps the space germ, pollen, fungi and allergen free which are common in India during summer and monsoon. HEPA filters can remove virus including COVID-19, making surfaces germ free, clean and healthy.

What is a central vacuum system?

A central vacuum system is a detailed, well laid out, vacuuming setup that is planned such that there are vacuum nodes in each room, in case of a home or at strategic collection points in case of a commercial setting. It is a semi-permanent fixture that can remove dirt, particulate matter and debris from the spaces it is installed in. Since these power units are centrally located in concealed locations, away from the home, they are noiseless.. Further, most of DrainVac’s models emit just 58 decibels of sound.

Do I really need DrainVac’s Residential Central Vacuum System?

When it comes to central vacuum systems, we often assume it is for large industrial or factory settings. However it can be used for spaces of all sizes.

Further, DrainVac has a wide range of systems to choose from – ideal for every size and home type from a houseboat to a sprawling villa. The central vacuum system is highly flexible and can be easily customised for homes of all sizes.

  • Residential central vacuum systems can filter germs and micro organisms as small as 0.01 microns making spaces, surfaces and air clean and germ free.
  • No more handling of dust collection bags which is messy. The ‘automatic’ collection drains out to the drainage or garbage collection system directly, making it easy to clean and maintain.
  • Some models of DrainVac’s central vacuum systems support both dry and wet vacuum cleaning.
  • As awareness increases, and scales up there are many affordable Wet & dry central vacuum systems, which can be made part of the home in the construction phase itself. In special cases, retrofitting can also be done for existing spaces, if the existing layout permits.

How do I choose the right central vacuuming system for my home?


  • Type and size: There are many types of central vacuum systems available in the market. Look for vacuums whose power fits the size of your space. Ask yourself questions like if your cleaning requirements need both wet and dry modes, and what the particular model can offer. Check out DrainVac’s wide range and schedule a call or demo to make an informed choice.
  • Energy use: While considering a central vacuum system, choose one that gives you economy on energy consumption, so that it can save on bills and is great for the planet.
    • Filtration system: The filter is as important as the power unit in the vacuum system. The filters could be of different kinds depending on your requirement and usage. For example if you are in a area that is busy or close to industries you might want to consider HEPA or other filters that can filter out fine dust.

      Filtration materials differ and there are numerous filters like HEPA, pleated filters, and custom filters where you can choose pore size. Choose right depending on your requirement.

      In conclusion… Vacuuming is considered to be a slow, tedious process reserved for the weekends. However, a central vacuum system is an easy to use, simple equipment that anyone can use. It does not require too much muscle power, and can be easily operated by elders, teens and a single manpower. Since it’s easy to operate, it does not require Hitech knowledge, and can be easily operated by blue collar workers.

      DrainVac’s vacuum systems are pioneers when it comes to central vacuum systems. DrainVac’s systems are the world’s best zero noise systems at affordable prices. With state of the art technology, our vacuum systems are a proven technology for all residential cleaning needs.