Should you choose a central vacuum system for your new home?



Congratulations on your new home decision! In today’s cities, homes are getting swankier and equipped with smarter tech. Smart homes are being offered with full furnishings and central air conditioning. Smart lighting, and electric vehicle charging points.

Builders and promoters are offering features to add value to the home buyer’s choice. One such addition is the central vacuum system. A central vacuum system is a great choice when you want to add value to a home. It can be installed in a semi-finished or constructed home at the scaffolding stage.

By the end of this post, you will understand what a central vacuum system is, and what advantages it has to offer to the home buyer and to the builder/promoter.

What exactly is a Central Vacuum System?

A central vacuum is similar to a central air conditioning system or plumbing and electrical wiring. Where a central air conditioning system blows cool, conditioned air into your house, this one sucks the air out.

It consists of a main vacuum motor system, a drainage system and a central waste collection unit depending on if it is a single function or a Wet & Dry Central Vacuum System. The main motor is the heart of the system and is located in a secluded or concealed location like the garage, utility space, attic or basement.

The drainage system or the tubing, in this case, is the intricate pipework that runs along the scaffolding of your house, along the walls. This is the primary reason why a central vacuum system must be installed during the semi-constructed phase for maximum utility. Only the port – just like your switchboard for lighting, is visible to you. All you have to do is pull a retractable hose, or plug in a portable hose into the port, turn the central vacuum on, and let it do its job.

Portable vs central vacuum cleaner for new homes:

This is a choice. And like every choice that you must make, make a wise one. Now, most homeowners might wonder if considering a central vacuum system is truly worth the added cost. Wouldn’t it be replaceable with say a maid because labour is cheap in India, or a portable vacuum system if the argument says vacuuming is superior to manual cleaning methods?

If you are a home buyer:

First, the automatic central vacuum system offers many advantages, not limited to the convenience and efficacy of cleaning.

Here we will bust some of the reservations homeowners have In installing a central vacuum system.

Cost & trade-off value:

 For every home buyer, especially if you are a first-time home buyer investing everything into your dream home, the cost is a huge factor. With home prices shooting up, any added cost would seem like a burden. Now a central vacuum system, despite seeming like an unnecessary luxury at first has so much to offer, that it can easily make up for that cost, and even offer you a return on investment. It gives you added health, time and labour cost benefits. Further, homes installed with a central vacuum system are known to fetch higher prices during resale. So, we suggest you look at the bigger picture and not restrict yourself to consider this as unnecessary show-off equipment. Most importantly it saves lots of energy and is greener than portable vacuums.

Deep cleans, easy and efficient: 

Unlike high-end fancy utility equipment, a central vacuum system is super easy and convenient to use. So much so, that it can be operated by anyone with a basic knowledge of on and off. It is extremely efficient and useful for people who have compromised movements due to age, medical conditions or disabilities, technophobes and even older children. It is extremely safe to use, and deep cleans like a genie. Since it cleans so well, the life of your furniture, upholstery, carpets etc., goes up.

If you are a Promoter or Developer:

The real estate space is hyper-competitive, with shrinking margins, and the demand for every piece of extra addition going up. This is pushing developers to offer more freebies, cut more costs, and offer newer features to their consumers.

Projects that have central vacuums have a winning edge over standalone or run-of-the-mill projects. This is an obvious smart home advantage, with inbuilt cleaning technology on offer for your consumer.

The central vacuum system in the first place is very efficient, without the need for physical garbage disposal for the resident. Imagine what a huge USP this can be for your project. Further, it adheres to the need for green building, by saving costs and energy.

Security is also catered to since it reduces the need for manual labour coming in for cleaning homes.

Monsoons and waterlogging are taken care of with vacuum suction panes that automatically drain common areas, keeping open spaces clean, and moisture and water free.

To conclude

A central vacuum system has obvious advantages like being noise-free, having a central concealed motor and convenience in cleaning. Additionally, it also offers cost and value addition to the new home to both the buyer and the seller in terms of energy savings, time and hard cash.